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Trixie A. Balm

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About Me

Why not save the best for last -- or at least, later? You'll find out all about me by reading what I write about. And I stand by that! Oh -- I don't care who knows it but I love my cat and he is the genius behind all my best songwriting! Honest!

Lauren Agnelli
Lately: Chester, CT. Formerly: New York, NY Originally: Columbus, GA


Favorite Food

MMMM. . . salmon, swordfish, arugula salads, apple tarts, chocolate cake, chili, cornbread, spinach salad, brownies. . . and steak!

Favorite Websites

This one. . . and fleamarketmusic. For starters.

Favorite TV Shows

Mad Men, Monk, Dark Shadows. . . and for a while, the Monarch of the Glen.

Favorite Records

A whole lot; tons! I especially like that "Rising Sand" recently, by Alison Krauss and Rubber -- er, Robert -- Plant.

Favorite Movies

Oooh: there are just too many. "Bottle Shock" was pretty great, though, of late.

Favorite Comics

Archie. No, make that Zippy the Pinhead!

Favorite Books

Working by Studs Terkel, Emma by Jane Austen, anything by Tom Wolfe. . . and that little inspirational gem, the Game of Life. . . I think. Oh, and how about Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda -- and Death of a Ladies Man by Leonard Cohen. Oh, and anything by Dorothy Parker, and. . . well, it goes on!

Favorite Magazines

Oh, Creem, Real Simple, Vanity Fair, Connecticut. . . and more I can't recall yet.


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