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Sun 20° Libra 32', Moon 11° Cancer 40', Ascendant 17° Aquarius 25' Lively, happy go lucky, moody, dreamy, silly, idealistitc paradox. Wildly enthusiastic participant in this thing we call life. Animal lover/activist, music lover, art lover, tree hugger, dancer, prancer, vixen, *quasi* post-punk jock (yes), fashion slave, shoe collector, armchair astrologer, comic, freelance muse..."charm, poetry, excess all in one blow"...blah blah blah...and so it goes. Graveyards and record shops - actual record stores - are my guilty pleasures... and do me a favor, neverevernever call me groupie. Thank you... ONE LOVE xoxo.

Jeanne Warner
Arlington, Virginia


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6 years 22 weeks
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