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Henry Darger


I know of nothing else quite like this in any other art form.

You could argue that an artist such as Henry Darger, for example, was similar except that Darger's outpouring of art has identifiable characteristics to traditional art forms.

Jandek seems like nothing else--once you listen to him, it's as if he is the conduit for your potential alien abduction.  (Yeah, it's a bit scary.)

Jandek reclusive rock star

When Jandek performed at SxSW in Austin, Texas, in March, 2008, strange reports started screeching across the sky.  Friends of mine who experienced this show of pop culture's finest guru of reclusive celebrityhood sweat that the music, to paraphrase early Guess Who, sent shivers down their backbones.

Jandek has all the hallmarks of a true sociopath, except that I'm not really sure that he's not an intentional hoax, but if that's true, it's a different kind of hoax...almost a "HOAX".  

Whatever Jandek means I do have to admit that Corwood Industries is one of the greatest marketer of outsider cultism ever. If mystery is at the heart of your musical taste, then go to their website or give 'em a call.

Yes, Jandek gives me the creeps, but he's got me hooked.