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Joe Meek is a genius...even today his music still floats. His music drifts into the general consciousness of humanity, blowing minds away, and gracefully waltzing out as if nothing happened.

I can only name one of Meek’s songs if asked, although I listen to I Hear A New World on a daily basis (“It’s good for the soul,” I tell my mother). The one track I can name is “I Hear a New World” because it is the title track, and the name is repeated over and over again throughout the song. The main reason behind me not being competent enough to name the song would probably be because I view the album as a concept album. Thinking of the album as one huge song enables me to invent my own meaning behind it, without the definitive boxes of song titles.

joe meek i hear a new world cd cover

It’s not really a huge concept album, though. The songs still remain in the average “50’s/60’s Pop” standards never breaking four minutes. So unlike, Roger Waters’ albums for Pink Floyd that bring the listener on an epic journey through the human psyche, Meek takes the listener through space which proves to be about 15 minutes shorter than the average Waters album takes us. Not to say that’s a bad thing because it allows me to listen to it in one sitting (when it comes to music my attention span magically increases).

Meek's songs still shock me. It amazes me to even fathom that an album such as this could have been produced in 1960. The album still makes me think as if I’m on a new planet in another galaxy of space; it utilizes the basic idea of endless possibilities.


Lots of people have irrational fears, and lots more have specific fears of all sorta illogical crapola, from people to animals to inanimate objects. Some peeps cower at the sight of clowns, some duck and run when any sort of bird (parrot, seagull or pigeon) zooms in close, there are even some fine upstanding heterosexual he-men who are more scared of mice than they are of yer friendly neighborhood transvestite. Irrational? Yup. Understandable? Kinda.
I myself have had mucho experience with both fear and horror: I’ve been married thrice, divorced twice, seen 2001: A Space Odyssey under the influence of early-70’s LSD, actually listened to Dark Side of the Moon straight as an arrow, I’ve seen a live mime show, an actual Poco show, and an old and puffy Frank Sinatra sing the songs that he virtually lived with the sad help of a teleprompter, I’ve even been behind bars on three separate occasions, and once, dare I say it, I donned sandals.