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Jerry Lee Lewis

One Of My Daddy's Favorites: "High Heeled Sneakers"

This footage very well may be the evidence why I am... the way I am. My parents had impeccable taste in music. A FB friend [the ridiculously talented Marc Campbell of Nails fame] posted this song and immediately I remembered how much my dad loved it and all of Billy Lee Riley's stuff... I liked to dance with my Grandmother to this. Bless!

A man of the south, Billy Lee Riley was the son of a sharecropper and learned to play the guitar from folks [read: poorly treated black folks] working on the farm. He headed to Memphis, where he recorded with Sun, however... not unlike many of the best of the best, was poorly represented so sales were slow. In the music business, naturally, that means zip, nada, zero promotion.


On April 9, 1988, on "Dolly," a variety program for the whole family, the irreverent Jerry Lee sang "Meat Man" for his hostess with the mostest.

He leered, and she did not conceal her cleavage, and God saw that it was good


Jerry Lee's cousin, Rev. Jimmy Lee Swaggart, was not present at this momentous event, but he was there in spirit--eating his heart out.

Jerry Lee Lewis looking mean on album cover

Images courtesy of the POPKRAZY TRASH HEAP