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Mantis In Lace: A "Sensual! Terrifying!" Post-Summer of Love Hippie/Stripper Acid Nightmare!


Barack Obama and Joe Biden admire Mantis in Love horror movie poster

"What do you wanna watch tonight, Joe?", "How about that Mantis in Lace flick we read about on PopKrazy?", "Yeah, that sounded like a real stone gas, now where are those burgers?  Did she just call 42?  Joe, go see if she just called number 42...."

Only in the wild and woolly world of sixties American exploitation film could two men like William Rotsler and Harry Novak come together for the common purpose of making a buck, create pictures which rake the gutters for inspiration, and emerge with such oddly unforgettable guilty pleasures as Agony of Love (1966), The Girl With the Hungry Eyes (1967), The Godson (1971), and Street of a Thousand Pleasures (1972). 

Bo Diddley: I'm High Again

I don't usually post homemade videos, but this one is pretty good, and it's the only way to hear Bo Diddley's bizarre "I'm High Again," - on love that is. He don't need no LSD!

For more of Bo's Checker year recordings, including "Pills," which is now oft-attributed to the NY Dolls by many youngsters, check out Phil X. Milstein's excellent Probe is Turning - On the People! Warning: you may spend days there - I have.