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The Ramones

"Hey-hey-hey, is Dee Dee home?", Ginah's calling...


So, I said a little prayer this morning, "Hey Dee Dee Ramone! Can you hear me?! Winter is killing me - thank you, wherever your soul may be, for your funny, inspired, humble brilliance."

A day's worth of errands, responsibility, over-load, etc., DONE. I'm left with only MUSIC, forming strange word-sculptures and flickers of scenery, other than my current view, DC's "snow tomb" and the nightly news of the weird (CNN). Nope, I'll pass on the winter wonderland and ever depressing (ever mind boggling) current events and scribble a bit about the man, Mr. Douglas Glenn Colvin, because he wrote a heap of it.


Tele-walking to the store in New York City with Abigail! However, out of "grocer avoidance" myself, I've enjoyed Chow Mein noodles and a Krispy Kreme for dinner, washed it down with Diet Coke, followed it up by Twizzler's Strawberry Twists for dessert... and now, time for a cigarette! Oh the life... but that's beside the point, the snow keeps falling and I'm trying to occupy my way overactive brain with something to do, other than junk-food...

Thought's of New York are swirling around my head. Thinking about coffee and chitter-chatter at the Odessa Restaurant and bars I like in the East and West Villages, a train ticket crosses my mind. Scratch that! I'm not gonna go to the train-station on a snowy night, my hair and nails aren't "ready" and I'd have to put on something other than my pj's! Too much work, so in lieu...