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Tom Jones



 SEX: Noun, Transitive Verb, BOMB: Noun, Verb

I prefer, and choose to here, use the words as verbs.  Espcially when we're talking about how it relates to pop culture and rock and roll.  The two go hand in hand, where would rock be without sex and love?  Elvis started it I suppose, but Leadbelly and Robert Johnson were singing about it long before Elvis as were many others, in ways appropriate for the time.  It's an idea in music as old as time. Men, women and the proverbial sex bomb.  The good the bad and the ugly.

As music as evolved, sex has become integral. And we like it that way.  We get the blues, we get the burning love urge.  We wear our pants tighter, skirts shorter, hit the shows with glossy lips, drinks in hand just looking for it.  I appreciate my favorite artists and the work they do to combine the two, rock and roll is just very sexy.