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Johnny Thunders

I don't have a new Pony, but I do have a new Hobby

       Forget the burgeoning baseball season, forget rereading Raymond Chandler or keep reading Steve Erickson, forget the Boston Globe sports page, forget continually listening to Little Steven’s Underground Garage, forget obsessively filling the backlog of my unseen Gunsmoke episodes, forget making lists of the top ten Warren Oates’ character names, forget buying every single ripped-off, repetitive, and badly recorded Johnny Thunders recording evah, forget checking  a few more outré film noirs off the grand list, forget finishing that piece about the stony greatness of Pynchon’ s last book, forget about finally beginning that new David Foster Wallace kinda-last-maybe-baby novel. Fuggedabouit, I’ve acquired a new hobby, another fresh and fertile landscape to explore, somehow a totally new (and astonishingly original) slab of pop cult meat to vulture on.

"Hey-hey-hey, is Dee Dee home?", Ginah's calling...


So, I said a little prayer this morning, "Hey Dee Dee Ramone! Can you hear me?! Winter is killing me - thank you, wherever your soul may be, for your funny, inspired, humble brilliance."

A day's worth of errands, responsibility, over-load, etc., DONE. I'm left with only MUSIC, forming strange word-sculptures and flickers of scenery, other than my current view, DC's "snow tomb" and the nightly news of the weird (CNN). Nope, I'll pass on the winter wonderland and ever depressing (ever mind boggling) current events and scribble a bit about the man, Mr. Douglas Glenn Colvin, because he wrote a heap of it.

Homage: John Anthony Genzale, Jr., as April 24th is nearing.

 Johnny Johnny Johnny... "Hurt Me"

Will forever loves me some John Anthony Genzale, Jr. - forever... always rest in peace you quiet, intense and seriously sarcastic soul! If you're out there someplace, thanks for indulging my "teenage kicks"! You were a gentleman, even if you told Gren you had "no class"... the 80's were fun... xx