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The Rolling Stones
22% (17 votes)
The Beatles
45% (35 votes)
The Clash
17% (13 votes)
The Shaggs
17% (13 votes)
Total votes: 78

The Stones are gaining...

When I last checked, The Stones and The Shaggs both had 19%. Glad to see Mick and the crew are gaining ground with a whopping 26% this morning. Still shocked that the gap isn't closer between The Stones and The Beatles... oh well.

The Stones only have 19%

This fan is totally shocked. Frankly, I love The Beatles okay, but really, when we get down to brass tacks, lets face it, it's The Rolling Stones that lasted... granted, their discs of the last decade plus only carry a few catchy songs but the catalogue speaks for itself and YES it carries more weight than anything The Beatles have done - and I've listened to both bands endlessly - there is a truth to The Stones that The Beatles just didn't have (Revolver not included), unless you're a total pop, pop, pop freak... I prefer truth.

dear anonymous:

how can u be "shocked" by the vote??? only 78 people's votes are included, ya dummy!!! ps i noticed the coincidence with our names; any chance we're related? (did you ever know anyone in the bronx or queens?...)

The Innocence of Youth

There is a difference.......The Stones are geriatric has beens....The Beatles knew when it was over.

"nuff said."

Ain't no greatest rock band.

There's just no such thing. If you believe there is, you're wrong.

correct answer, anon!

ur absolutely right, anonymous. "the greatest" lives in the heart of each and every listener.... and even at that, it's subject to change.