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This is a rather involved story so please hang in there.

Van the Man is one of Van Morrison's finest albums. However, it also happens to be a bootleg, an unauthorized, illegal, and raw recording that I first read about waybackwhen in Stranded, a collection of essays edited by Greil Marcus.

Although in Stranded the other writers could only choose one recording  (usually an album) to take to their desert island, Marcus spent two weeks compiling his own list, which was actually the most interesting part of the book.  Getting to
take tons of records to his desert island was Marcus' prerogative--after all, he was the editor.

Among some of the recordings in Marcus' list that I didn't own or had never heard of at that time was an album called Van the Man, a collection of passionate studio material that Van Morrison had recorded during the early '70s.

Here is a good description of the desert-island classic, Van the Man, that I "bootlegged" from somewhere.

Van the Man Van Morrison bootleg album

Highway High Fi 109
Side 1
1. Moondance (4:47)
2. Caledonia Soul Music (18:10)
Side 2
1. Hound Dog (2:53)
2. Dead or Alive (5:22)
3. Friday's Child (5:48)
4. Just Like a Woman (7:37)
[Note that this vinyl boot is not to be confused with the bootleg CD of the same name.]

A yellow insert says the following: "'Moondance' was recorded at the Fillmore West 1970, 'Caledonia Soul Music' is an out-take from Band and Street Choir; Side 2 was recorded at Pacific High Recording Studios [September 5, 1971].

This Pacific High Studios material has been frequently booted, especially on the 2-CD The Inner Mystique.  The material also appears (in whole or in part) on a
number of other boots, including Fridays Child, I've Been Working, Into the Mystic, Moonshine Whiskey, This is Van Morrison, Desert Land, and Wild Night in California.

This is an interesting album for the "Caledonia Soul Music" track. All of the CD boots which contain the track have a time of about 16 minutes and 20 seconds. It appears that nobody knows which is the proper timing.

[The "Moondance" track is available on CDs such as Rocks His Gypsy Soul (Wail vol. 3) and Live in San Francisco, 1970. All of side B and "Caledonia Soul Music" are available on CD on the aforementioned Into the Mystic: Live at Pacific High Studios 1971. The side B tracks only are available on CD boots such as This is Van Morrison and Moonshine Whiskey.]