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Beach Boys Today CD cover


WikiPedia and Amazon and All Music Guide almost make this unnecessary, but for the record, I want to argue that the combo package of The Beach Boys Today! with Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) [love those exclamations points-although I don't think the Beach Boys ever released an album with three (!!!) exclamation points in the title] [I do think, however, that is because of the Beach Boys' abuse of ! that I learned to do the same thing on my own writing-or maybe it was Mad).

Anyway, the point being that this remarkable CD combo, with some editing, still sends shivers down my backbone even though I have gone way way past the age counting-up fadeout on "When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)"....(they end it when they get into their twenties, of course).

So, I'd get this thing if you don't have it. And then create a new CD with these cuts, and you will own one of the greatest albums ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Do You Wanna Dance
2. Good To My Baby
3. Don't Hurt My Little Sister
4. When I Grow Up
5. Help Me, Rhonda (use LP version only)
6. Dance, Dance, Dance
7. Please Let Me Wonder
8. I'm So Young
9. Kiss Me Baby
10. She Knows Me Too Well
11. The Girl From New York City
12 Then I Kissed Her
13. Salt Lake City
14. Girl Don't Tell Me
15. California Girls
16. Let Him Run Wild
17. You're So Good To Me
18. Summer Means New Love
19. The Little Girl I Once Knew
20. And Your Dreams Come True

No shit, pal. Create this and you have one helluva a summer album.

Beach Boys Summer Days and Summer Nights album cover

Beach Boys Summer Two-Fer

This actually has 29 cuts now, including a gorgeous ballad "I'm So Young" and a studio version of the Four Freshmen's "Graduation Day".

Also, a Brian Wilson tantrum called "I'm Bugged At My Old Man" which wears old in record time.Though it's a fascinating glimpse into the screwed up family dynamics.