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 SEX: Noun, Transitive Verb, BOMB: Noun, Verb

I prefer, and choose to here, use the words as verbs.  Espcially when we're talking about how it relates to pop culture and rock and roll.  The two go hand in hand, where would rock be without sex and love?  Elvis started it I suppose, but Leadbelly and Robert Johnson were singing about it long before Elvis as were many others, in ways appropriate for the time.  It's an idea in music as old as time. Men, women and the proverbial sex bomb.  The good the bad and the ugly.

As music as evolved, sex has become integral. And we like it that way.  We get the blues, we get the burning love urge.  We wear our pants tighter, skirts shorter, hit the shows with glossy lips, drinks in hand just looking for it.  I appreciate my favorite artists and the work they do to combine the two, rock and roll is just very sexy.

I wasn't around at the time when The Stones had to sing, "Lets Spend Some Time Together", in lieu of spending the night together but we all know what Mick was trying to get across.  And, as a lady, I must confess... as if it's not obvious... it was a point taken and an opportunity that would have been jumped at (if Keith turned me down) by me and a million plus other ladies.  And no, seriously, I don't think we'd have worried 'bout what was on our mind at that point.  The proverbial sex bomb would have been on our mind.

Lately I've spent far too much time going emo.  Listening to sad, over emotional songs, making my mood dark as hell.  I've banned it for myself for a while... and I'm glad I did.  I've enjoyed listening to music about sex and it innuendo's - drugs, for what it's worth, and just kicking the bo-bo!

The merger of image (sexy ones), sounds - sexy riffs, and ideas put in our heads by our favorite artists sets the mood.  When I think of rock and roll sex bombs, I think of Zeppelin, The Stones, Barry White, Elvis, Tom Jones, Prince, Ryan Adams, The Troggs, Aerosmith... and the list just goes and goes.  They're all singing about love, some songs about sex, and fashion themselves so that, at least when I go to bed at night - alone or no - I smile and get warm, fuzzy and relax and know that the mood is there for the taking.  I've been seduced by the sounds of the Velvet Underground more times than I can remember, but it works.

This isn't just exclusive to rock either.  Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Johnny Cash and a host of other "outlaws" have used the whole sex bomb idea as well...

Have any of us, especially on first encounter, EVER not put on some mood music to get our desired result, sex, seduction accomplished?

led zeppelin performing 1970s