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One Of My Daddy's Favorites: "High Heeled Sneakers"

This footage very well may be the evidence why I am... the way I am. My parents had impeccable taste in music. A FB friend [the ridiculously talented Marc Campbell of Nails fame] posted this song and immediately I remembered how much my dad loved it and all of Billy Lee Riley's stuff... I liked to dance with my Grandmother to this. Bless!

A man of the south, Billy Lee Riley was the son of a sharecropper and learned to play the guitar from folks [read: poorly treated black folks] working on the farm. He headed to Memphis, where he recorded with Sun, however... not unlike many of the best of the best, was poorly represented so sales were slow. In the music business, naturally, that means zip, nada, zero promotion.

With a cult following, fans like Dylan and Link Wray, and his accompaniment in the studio with Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Rich, to name a few, obviously a great artist wasn't "lost"... until he passed away in August, 2009 from cancer. But the body of work lives on - and deserves a lot more promotion, in my opinion.

Hurray for the underdog!