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"Hey-hey-hey, is Dee Dee home?", Ginah's calling...


So, I said a little prayer this morning, "Hey Dee Dee Ramone! Can you hear me?! Winter is killing me - thank you, wherever your soul may be, for your funny, inspired, humble brilliance."

A day's worth of errands, responsibility, over-load, etc., DONE. I'm left with only MUSIC, forming strange word-sculptures and flickers of scenery, other than my current view, DC's "snow tomb" and the nightly news of the weird (CNN). Nope, I'll pass on the winter wonderland and ever depressing (ever mind boggling) current events and scribble a bit about the man, Mr. Douglas Glenn Colvin, because he wrote a heap of it.

I knew it would be "a day", so I put some songs together in a playlist before I left the house.  My tongue-in-cheek title seemed fitting this morning, thank goodness I forgot that stuff for now. The "End of The World, Mix 1", opens with Dee Dee's "girlfriend's crying in a shower stall" image because much earlier, it is there that I wanted to stay.

"Chinese Rocks" went into the number one slot and the "mood" just rolls down hill so to speak, to the lovely, lucky track #13, the pessimistic aural satin bow of Johnny Thunders' version of "Eve of Destruction". In the middle, a variety of my favorites sing songs of loss, lack, bedevilment, etc. (The Dead Boy's "Down in Flames", The Damned "I Just Can't Be Happy Today", The Fall's "Mr. Pharmacist", D Gen's "Helpless", etc.) This mix just plain rocks!

I'm on my way to the point, really... and no, it's not about how good I can string songs together on the iPod or the tragic, compulsive use of heroin! It's about the absolutely POTENT power of song... I didn't really know what to expect when I was 12, but almost 30 years later, the line, "Say hey-hey-hey is Dee Dee home?", or Arty... or Johnny or whomever... still cracks me up and I sing along every time, even when I'm feeling snarky. 



I guess I should shut this down, but tonight I'll go on paper saying..."Chinese Rocks" [written by Dee Dee (w/R. Hell)], is still one of my favorite songs, I never shuffle it. Every time it triggers the memory of the first time I heard it. The Ramones' vinyl "End Of The Century", was one of my most prized possessions in 1980 - however, the version of the song doesn't really matter, be it The HeartbreakersThe Ramones, or just the "Johnny" version. The song zips me back in seconds, to my pink, ruffly, 12 year old bedroom and the records, including that Ramones album, that started.... this. I needed to take that "trip" today.

All his things were in hock

Well, needless to say, your day made my day, as I’ve long been a proponent (a play-it-loud-and-incessantly proponent) of “Chinese Rocks” in all of its mutations. It’s Dee Dee at his wisest and wryest, and, whoever the artist delivering it; it always sounds insidiously propulsive and perfectly raw. It also is funny enough to have been written by Andy Shernoff of the Dictators, one of the few guys who have ever understood the link between humor and rock and roll. Over the (many) years, whenever I find myself in the midst of one of those barroom debates about cool songs, or kick ass lyrics, I also invoke both Chinese Rocks and The Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog” as two of the purest examples of simple but impeccable rock and roll poetry. C’mon, how, exactly can you beat this couplet:

“It’s hot as a bitch, I should have been rich
Now, I’m just digging a Chinese ditch.”

Nice piece.

Scott Duhamel

Thank you! Scott...

Hum... It's very late/early in the morning - but I just want to say, thanks for reading - and - thanks for bringing up Andy Shernoff. He truly is genius when it comes to making the truth/irony/humor connection in his songs - while kicking ass. "Faster and Louder" is an all time favorite of mine. Stay tuned for a Dictators blog or maybe a Vlog soon. Too good of a group to go unmentioned here in "Ginah"ville.
Iggy and The Stooges are true perfection to me. Their ENTIRE catalogue SCREAMS kick ass. "Fun House" is probably one of the best rock and roll records ever written, in my opinion. With that said, the lyric from "Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell" is swirling... REST TIME! Night night. xo