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Remembering My First Record Album

My first record, purchased in 1974 at Giant Music, a late great record store here in Virginia, was Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods self titled [white] album. I was too young to snark about the silly jumpsuits [or their sound], and at six years old, they were my favorite. The title of "my favorite" was lost when I got wind of the Bay City Rollers. They were foreign after all and had better haircuts!

The Rolling Stones: Bringing American Blues Legends To The Party. Again.

This is gonna go all over the place folks but I think it's an essential point in rock and roll for me. I've been thinking about the equation all evening. Obviously, "the kids" screaming at The Rolling Stones back in 1965 got a hint too. Pop culture as we know it was changed, once again, by a gaggle of skinny young British guys with messy hair and crazy talent. The rest is history.

Otis "King of Soul" Redding and Jerry "The Ice Man" Butler wrote and produced "I've Been Loving You Too Long", or "I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)" in some instances, in 1965.  Redding recorded the song that same year on the Volt/Atco label.  It was a huge R&B hit A-Side single (B-Side, "Just One More Day") at the time. Destiny has it's way with artists and songs, and certainly Redding's body of work was destined, and it has been for decades, to be classic.

One Of My Daddy's Favorites: "High Heeled Sneakers"

This footage very well may be the evidence why I am... the way I am. My parents had impeccable taste in music. A FB friend [the ridiculously talented Marc Campbell of Nails fame] posted this song and immediately I remembered how much my dad loved it and all of Billy Lee Riley's stuff... I liked to dance with my Grandmother to this. Bless!

A man of the south, Billy Lee Riley was the son of a sharecropper and learned to play the guitar from folks [read: poorly treated black folks] working on the farm. He headed to Memphis, where he recorded with Sun, however... not unlike many of the best of the best, was poorly represented so sales were slow. In the music business, naturally, that means zip, nada, zero promotion.

"Hey-hey-hey, is Dee Dee home?", Ginah's calling...


So, I said a little prayer this morning, "Hey Dee Dee Ramone! Can you hear me?! Winter is killing me - thank you, wherever your soul may be, for your funny, inspired, humble brilliance."

A day's worth of errands, responsibility, over-load, etc., DONE. I'm left with only MUSIC, forming strange word-sculptures and flickers of scenery, other than my current view, DC's "snow tomb" and the nightly news of the weird (CNN). Nope, I'll pass on the winter wonderland and ever depressing (ever mind boggling) current events and scribble a bit about the man, Mr. Douglas Glenn Colvin, because he wrote a heap of it.


Tele-walking to the store in New York City with Abigail! However, out of "grocer avoidance" myself, I've enjoyed Chow Mein noodles and a Krispy Kreme for dinner, washed it down with Diet Coke, followed it up by Twizzler's Strawberry Twists for dessert... and now, time for a cigarette! Oh the life... but that's beside the point, the snow keeps falling and I'm trying to occupy my way overactive brain with something to do, other than junk-food...

Thought's of New York are swirling around my head. Thinking about coffee and chitter-chatter at the Odessa Restaurant and bars I like in the East and West Villages, a train ticket crosses my mind. Scratch that! I'm not gonna go to the train-station on a snowy night, my hair and nails aren't "ready" and I'd have to put on something other than my pj's! Too much work, so in lieu...


Mr. Chester Burnett a.k.a. Howlin' Wolf live on Shindig, check out England's Newest Hit Makers in the background!  The Rolling Stones were guests on the show and insisted that the Wolf appear as well, what a contrast on a teeny-bop television show in the early 60's... how very audacious at the time!  Now the footage is a legendary piece of rock and roll history.

Originally recorded in Memphis in 1950 as a 78RPM on Chess Records, "How Many More Years and Moanin' at Midnight" was a major hit for Howlin' Wolf and sold 60,000 copies.

chess masters promo photo of howlin wolf bo diddley muddy waters

photo courtesy of POPKRAZY ARCHIVES




The older guys get the ladies with their style, yeah...

Ian Dunlop: vocals, bass, guitar, sax Mickey Gauvin: drums Barry Tashian: vocals, guitar Billy Briggs: keyboards Junior Markham: horns Bobby Keys: sax and sometimes Gram Parsons: vocals, guitar, keyboards 

flying burrito brothers with two pretty women



Outlaw rocker, poet Jim Carroll passed away on September 11th, 2009. His music and writing will be missed by all of us, but perhaps as with all great artists, as they move on, he leaves us with the legacy of his words - and music - and has somehow achieved a measure of immortality.

Mr. Carroll, you will be missed.



 SEX: Noun, Transitive Verb, BOMB: Noun, Verb

I prefer, and choose to here, use the words as verbs.  Espcially when we're talking about how it relates to pop culture and rock and roll.  The two go hand in hand, where would rock be without sex and love?  Elvis started it I suppose, but Leadbelly and Robert Johnson were singing about it long before Elvis as were many others, in ways appropriate for the time.  It's an idea in music as old as time. Men, women and the proverbial sex bomb.  The good the bad and the ugly.

As music as evolved, sex has become integral. And we like it that way.  We get the blues, we get the burning love urge.  We wear our pants tighter, skirts shorter, hit the shows with glossy lips, drinks in hand just looking for it.  I appreciate my favorite artists and the work they do to combine the two, rock and roll is just very sexy.


new york dolls in costume 1973

They did it. They were glamorous.  They were, are, the New York Dolls. 


Formed in 1971, and after a break-up period, are still going strong today.  Decidedly American,the band was "protopunk" and a harbinger of what was to come... the punk era.  They painted a new picture.  Straight men, out of New York, wearing dresses and high heels.  Girls still wanted to f*ck them. They fascinated their audience and the press. Johnny Thunders, however, he wasn't wearing no dress, thank you very much. Though his hair and makeup did make him look a bit like "Glam, Italian, Junkie Barbie".