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Gary Pig Gold's blog

I'm Wonderin'....



Young Neil

can really be....

.... 66  ( !! )

Years Old


Made In The Shade



happened to.....



OTHER Mick ???


His Name Was Larry



Larry Wayne Fischer

   November 6, 1944  -  June 16, 2011






Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha


Everybody loves

Sam Cooke !!!


The Enigma....


with a



He Wrote The Songs


As if anyone needed


Ten Reasons Why.....


It's Only $29.99 ($33.99 in Canada) But I Like It


Keith Richards

was born in London in 1943.


A guitarist, vocalist, songwriter,

and cofounder of the Rolling Stones,

he has also released solo albums with his band

the X-Pensive Winos.

He lives in Connecticut with his wife,

Patti Hansen.

Walking Right Back....




   Don and Phil !! 

Unseen John and Mick !!


.... not to mention

Keith and Charlie and Bill and even Brian ....