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March 2011

Here you can step back through the vortex of time to view old PopKrazy content. Pages, Podcasts, Polls, and Stories will appear here.

10 Reasons Why This Pic Works for Me


1. Look, I've always wanted a good reason for letting Paris Hilton into my heart.

2. Her hands are not perfect (read claw hand).

3. Any Captain Beefheart publicity is good publicity (even hoax publicity___ I'll take it if only for that one shining moment when I thought it could be true). See Number 6.

4. That red barrette---hair thing. I think my little sister had a set of those. If it's part of some designer line of accessories, I'll be crushed.

5. Strike the last part of 4, I'll take half a dozen.

6. It brings out the Candide in me. No seriously, this is how I picture Cunegonde.

7. Fast and bulbous, got me?

8. She's wearing Mike Nelson's watch.

9. Oh maid, if only I knew what causeth thou to smile so!

10. I'm booglarized. I'm just sayin'.

The Enigma....


with a



Jane Russell: Mean, Moody, and Magnificent


   Obviously, once upon a time there were no Kardashian sisters, no up skirt websites, no mass produced semi-celebrity sex tapes, and no instantly publishable photographs of the glitterati sans underwear.  Way back in the not-so-long-ago 1940 and 50’s, except deep under the furtive shadows of the deviant underground and the back room demi-monde, overt sexuality on display was unheard of. Unlike today, it was about suggestion, aura, dress style, costume, pose-- all of it artful artifice--with the exception of the somewhat innocent concentration on the one lowest-common-dominator feminine psychical characteristic commonly referred to as “curves”. Jane Russell, perhaps one of the greatest of all Hollywood Va-Va-Voom girls, had every ingredient listed in that last sentence, and she had ‘em spades.